The dinghy getting two replacement planks and getting painted out on the inside

The Mai-Star Class is cleared out ready for a coat of primer before the coating system is applied

First complete coat of primer on all the bare wood on the inside now it is ready

Looking forward over the transom, just one small job in the bow a few short ribs to steam into position


Making patterns for floor bearers

Making patterns for the bottom of the floor bearers so that a floor can be laid down while working on the inside of the dinghy

A number of patterns made, now just have to line them up in the boat and mark off the tops

Using a piece of plywood to work on in the dinghy at the moment, however soon to be replaced with floor bearers and a temporary floor

The Mai-Star Class dinghy progressing well with just the front ribs left to do and making patterns for breasthook and quarter knees

The dinghy also ribbed out just the fron few to do when I get my next green oak shipment

Time to take a look at the plans and see what can be done while waiting for my next timber shipment

Making patterns for the breasthook

and the quarter knees

Also take a look at making the mast step and mast thwart as well

Patterns made for the knees and breasthook

A few more photos of the inside before it gets the ribs fitted

It is now time to start to think about putting the ribs in and then the breasthook and transom knees in and then the gunwales

Just this last mould station to remove and the technical bit of fitting the inside of the dinghy out with all its seats centreboard etc…

A large space at the moment but it will not take long to fill up with the parts needed to make it into to a sailing dinghy.

Finally all the nails are in and done now comes the fun bit steaming in the ribs.

Final plank fixed in position

Finally the last plank is now being fitted

The final rebate being cut and the plank being fitted to the stem

The first of the moulds been removed as the plank is nailed in place.

The second mould now removed and

finally the lot are removed to leave a big void to fill with centreboard case and seats and mast step

Looking up towards the stem after four of the twenty ribs have been steamed into position

Fitting the port side top plank

The apprentice starting to nail plank in place

Using peg clamps and wedges to fit plank in position

The apprentice about half way down the port side

Finally fitted and with a second coat of thinned varnish to finish it off for the day

Getting ready to fit the ribs in the dinghy next week

The job was to get the last piece of green oak I had around and plane it to thickness ready to cut it up to the correct size.

There is the plank all cut up and put through the thicknesser ready to have the edge bevelled ready to get fitted

Halfway through the bundle of ribs just another ten more to go.

Almost there now ready to steam them in next week.

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