Now planeing and thicknessing the top plank

Now that the plank had been cut out of the mahogany board it was time to plane the plank down to its witness pencil marks

The apprentice hard at work getting his first taste of doing this job.

After he had planed the edges down to the witness marks, it was time for him to start to plane the faces of the planks to get rid of the saw mills cutting marks.

About half way done on the first side just about 6 feet left to do on this side before turning it over to do the other side.

Almost done on the first side

Making a start on the other side. So next week we will be able to start to fit the plank on the dinghy


Finally getting the last of the larch planks nailed into place

dinghy now ready to offer up the newly cut and planned spoilt board

Spoilt board cramped and screwed in position

Cutting the front edge of the spoilt board to fit the stem rebate

Transferring marks off spoilt board on to mahogany board ready to cut out

My able apprentice cutting out the first of the top planks

Cut out,now ready to have its edges planed and thickness to the correct size

Getting the last of the larch planking nailed in place

Getting the final larch planks in place

 Dry fitting the last starboard side larch plank

My young apprentice nailing the plank into position with copper nails and roves

 Finally getting need to the top of the boat.

Eight planks aside just waiting to get the money to get the hardwood for the top plank

Now that the hull is almost finished it is time to turn our attention to getting the ribs made and getting the steam box ready and into position to put them in. Also sourcing the wood for the gunwales and thwart stringers and also the thwarts and seats and the floorboards and the centreboard case. Once are sourced then the fitting out can begin and the boat can then be rubbed down and painted and varnished.

 Eight planks up and the spoilt board cramped in place to mark out the final larch plank


A view of the starboard side of the boat.

The few planks been steamed and fitted in place

This photo shows the front end of the planks as they are steamed and bend into position and left to go cold before taking them off and cutting the plank ends to fit the stem and plane the rebates on the plank to fit the plank below.

 This photo shows the planks amidships where the boat is starting to take shape and the hull is starting to look like a boat.

 This photo shows the planks starting to build up round the transom of the boat.

The first larch plank being steamed in position

This photo shows the front end of the plank being steamed into position along with its sister plank on the starboard side being done at the same time.

 This photo shows the boat starting to take shape as it grow out from the keel.

 This close up shows the plank in position on the stem and before the rebates are planned on after it as cooled down

 The second plank being helded in place by old fashion peg cramps/

 Another photo of a peg cramp being used to hold a plank in place.