The new build, A new class of dinghy from J-Star Boat Services.

Over the autumn and winter at J-Star boat Services we will be building a new dinghy which will be named the Mai-Star. It is based on a Andrew Wolstenholme design, It is going to be a little shorter than his Coot design as it is needed as a tender for a small classic yacht owned by one of J-Star Boat Services clients to replace their existing tender which is getting long in the tooth and is gone beyond being possible to be repaired.



This first photo shows the mould station patterns which need to be taken off the drawings and transferred to plywood patterns and then cut out of thick plywood to form the mould stations/ frames.


This photo shows the interior layout as well as the position of all the different items that are to be fitted in the boat such as rowlock positions mast steps and so on.

 This photo shows the sail plan as well as stem sizes and shape .


This photo shows the first part of the keel being marked out just before it was sawn.


This phot shows the first piece cut and ready to be put through the planner/thicknesser to be made the correct thickness

 This photo shows the first part of the keel fitted to the stocks and getting ready to fit the second part.


This photo show the base part of the mould station/frames fixed into position, just before the top braces are fitted


This photo shows the top braces fitted but before the other brances are fitted


This photo shows the top braces in place as well as the temp transom that was fitted for the Essex Country Show while the true transom was getting glued up.

There will be more photos as the build progresses .



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