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Making patterns for floor bearers

Making patterns for the bottom of the floor bearers so that a floor can be laid down while working on the inside of the dinghy

A number of patterns made, now just have to line them up in the boat and mark off the tops

Using a piece of plywood to work on in the dinghy at the moment, however soon to be replaced with floor bearers and a temporary floor


The Mai-Star Class dinghy progressing well with just the front ribs left to do and making patterns for breasthook and quarter knees

The dinghy also ribbed out just the fron few to do when I get my next green oak shipment

Time to take a look at the plans and see what can be done while waiting for my next timber shipment

Making patterns for the breasthook

and the quarter knees

Also take a look at making the mast step and mast thwart as well

Patterns made for the knees and breasthook

Fitting the port side top plank

The apprentice starting to nail plank in place

Using peg clamps and wedges to fit plank in position

The apprentice about half way down the port side

Finally fitted and with a second coat of thinned varnish to finish it off for the day